A Gentle Creature


Next week, Marc James Roels’ new short A Gentle Creature is playing at IKL. A Gentle Creature is Marc’s second film (he also directed Mompelaar, together with Wim Reygaert) and has already been rewarded Best Short Film at the International Filmfestival in Ghent this year. 

The story: A couple spend the last hours at home stoically destroying the belongings of their infant daughter while she sleeps. Earlier that day in a government office, contracts were signed and tax benefits discussed. The final formality of the procedure will take place deep in a forest during the early hours of the morning ..

When ?  sat 28/11 (22:30) :: mo 30/11 (18:30) :: thu 3/12 (16:30) :: fri 4/12 (20:30) /  Soetezaal, Kunstencentrum STUK, Leuven


Mompelaar is featured on the last issue of Wholphin, the quarterly DVD magazine published by McSweeney’s. The film continues to receive good reviews, for instance this one on hammertonail.com:

Mompelaar (Marc Roels and Wim Reygaert, Belgium, 2007) — After struggling for a while to figure out what to say about this film, I’ve come up with this: Mompelaar is really fuckin’ weird.





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