We’re in the studio. Leave us alone ..

Stop calling us. Stop sending us these annoying e-mails about why we went on a date with your mother. Stop sending us letters in which you ask us for clean underwear and more money. Stop leaving notes under our windscreen wiper. We don’t know where the black suitcase is. Stop applying for the position of bass player. You smell bad, your amp weighs too much and your mum cooks terrible. Stop asking us what we want for christmas. It’s February, for god’s sake ! Stop sliding pictures of your cat doing a terrible moonwalk under our door. Just leave us alone.

We’ll return the favour by posting pictures of: us drinking coffee, us rolling cigarettes, then smoking them. Us going to the bathroom, talking to our lawyer. Us reading Guitar Player, Modern Drummer and Future Fishing Magazine. Us talking on the phone to our girlfriends, reading e-mails from the gas company. Us finding out whisky is actually made out of water. Us turning whisky back into water. Us burning a djembe during hours of boredom. And what not ..

If everyone sticks to the deal, there will be no casualties …


Drums Are For Parades.


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