Vinyl artwork almost finished – a little preview

Johan Cosyns, the same guy who did our last series of T-shirts, designed the cover of the limited vinyl release of “Master” on Hypertension Records. JC also made a poster, that’s going to be included with the album. We’ll have 400 white vinyls and 100 clear ones.

This is a preview of the back of the album.



Also, we played Soulwaxmas last saturday in Eindhoven and we had a blast. A blast of confetti, expectorated by two cannons about 2 centimeters away from Piet’s head. No worries though, he totally survived the 8 minute show.


More details, as always, soon.




3 Comments on “Vinyl artwork almost finished – a little preview”

  1. Pablo says:

    I was hoping for the same album as the CD, with the rabid rabbit…

    • Pablo says:

      That one was a little to fast… 😉
      I like the artwork with the birds also.
      As long as the music is the same… 😉

  2. Hey Pablo,

    For the vinyl, we chose to show The Rabid Rabbit in his natural environment…


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