Melkweg, November 7, 2011

Pic. by Nele Keukelier




Behind The Walls of The Empire – pt. I

Cameras are everywhere these days, so this was inevitable. Witness the tension rise on the first day of mixing “Master”, watch the band wrecking and wetting stages all over Europe or waste time trying to figure out what the fuck Younes Faltakh is singing about in “The Beast”. All this and more in this first part of “Behind The Walls Of The Empire”, the story of Drums Are For Parades, Belgium’s noisiest skygazers.

FUZZY FIST tour – Fall/Winter 2011

Doom Diamond



Dour Festival – Thursday, July 15 – 16.20 – Pictures by Jules Gahide




EMINEM at Pukkelpop 2011 (and DAFP as well, apparently)

Pukkelpop announced a whole bunch of Belgian artists for their 2011 edition, and DAFP was on that list as well. Nice, because now we can see EMINEMMMMMMMMMMMM and we don’t have to pay for it !!!!! M is the shit !!! Maybe we can hang out in the frontstage, sipping on gin and juice ?!! That would be awesome !!!! Maybe we get to meet him backstage !!! Man, I would shit my pants … Em y’all ! Slim fucking Shady, sitting next to me, eating a banana or something. I don’t even know if he likes fruit …



New Dates – Dinosaur Jr. – LeRock

We’ll be playing loud on Le Rock Dans Tous Ses Etats (FR)  this year.

Jello Biafra will be there, Kylesa and  The Subs as well.

And we have a show together with Dinosaur Jr.

For once, we won’t be the loudest – but that’s life, no ?