Let’s get dirty, on the floor

Drums Are For Parades’ new single “Virgin Powder Pt. 1” featuring the Silver Surfering Rudeboy (Urban Dance Squad)

This song is taken from the IMPERIVM EP, which is scheduled for release on April 16 2012.

special thanks to Ancienne Belgique


“Virgin Powder Part 1″ featuring Silver Surfering Rudeboy – 30” preview

Artificial Sacrificial Vinyl

Hey there. We found a box with a couple of dozen 10 inches from our debut EP Artificial Sacrificial Darkness In The Temple of The Damned. There’s no cover, just the vinyl in a black paper envelop. We might sell them, cause they sound really brutal and the original release was limited to 300. Would you be interested in that ?

Let us know, ok ?

Love you,


Behind The Walls of The Empire – pt. I

Cameras are everywhere these days, so this was inevitable. Witness the tension rise on the first day of mixing “Master”, watch the band wrecking and wetting stages all over Europe or waste time trying to figure out what the fuck Younes Faltakh is singing about in “The Beast”. All this and more in this first part of “Behind The Walls Of The Empire”, the story of Drums Are For Parades, Belgium’s noisiest skygazers.

“One” (Bochez-deadstep-rmx)

Dear Friends,

Are you also looking forward to those wild hot summer parties ? Throw this one in the mix around 7 am and watch your friends take off to Coockoo Land on a shit-stained flying mattress with dragon eyes. One of Belgian’s best kept underground secrets Bochez mixed up his own insane version of One from our debut E.P. Artificial Sacrificial Darkness In The Temple Of The Damned.

You can download the mix for free on our Soundcloud.

Enjoy it – and share with your friends,

Love you,


Dancin’ off the cliff together

IMPERIVM I – “Enjoy Your Psychosis” – Drums Are For Parades featuring Chris Goss


From today, you can download a brand new song of ours for free on www.drumsareforparades.net.

It’s the first in a series of collaborations we’re doing with vocalists we love and respect. For the first track, we asked Chris Goss (Masters Of Reality) to have his ways with Enjoy Your Psychosis, a collection of slow signature DAFP riffs fighting an analogue synth with rabies .. If you wonder what that sounds like, point your cursor to the link above and click ..

We dubbed this experiment IMPERIVM, and we will be releasing more of these musical alliances on an irregular basis throughout the year 2011. Next in line is Jasper Steverlinck from Arid …

Special thanks to the people at Ancienne Belgique in Brussels to make all this happen.

Stay tuned,