Artificial Sacrificial Vinyl

Hey there. We found a box with a couple of dozen 10 inches from our debut EP Artificial Sacrificial Darkness In The Temple of The Damned. There’s no cover, just the vinyl in a black paper envelop. We might sell them, cause they sound really brutal and the original release was limited to 300. Would you be interested in that ?

Let us know, ok ?

Love you,



“One” (Bochez-deadstep-rmx)

Dear Friends,

Are you also looking forward to those wild hot summer parties ? Throw this one in the mix around 7 am and watch your friends take off to Coockoo Land on a shit-stained flying mattress with dragon eyes. One of Belgian’s best kept underground secrets Bochez mixed up his own insane version of One from our debut E.P. Artificial Sacrificial Darkness In The Temple Of The Damned.

You can download the mix for free on our Soundcloud.

Enjoy it – and share with your friends,

Love you,