Let’s get dirty, on the floor

Drums Are For Parades’ new single “Virgin Powder Pt. 1” featuring the Silver Surfering Rudeboy (Urban Dance Squad)

This song is taken from the IMPERIVM EP, which is scheduled for release on April 16 2012.

special thanks to Ancienne Belgique

“Virgin Powder Part 1″ featuring Silver Surfering Rudeboy – 30” preview

Melkweg, November 7, 2011

Pic. by Nele Keukelier





Artificial Sacrificial Vinyl

Hey there. We found a box with a couple of dozen 10 inches from our debut EP Artificial Sacrificial Darkness In The Temple of The Damned. There’s no cover, just the vinyl in a black paper envelop. We might sell them, cause they sound really brutal and the original release was limited to 300. Would you be interested in that ?

Let us know, ok ?

Love you,


Behind The Walls of The Empire – pt. I

Cameras are everywhere these days, so this was inevitable. Witness the tension rise on the first day of mixing “Master”, watch the band wrecking and wetting stages all over Europe or waste time trying to figure out what the fuck Younes Faltakh is singing about in “The Beast”. All this and more in this first part of “Behind The Walls Of The Empire”, the story of Drums Are For Parades, Belgium’s noisiest skygazers.

FUZZY FIST tour – Fall/Winter 2011

Teaser Video for Zombies for Money – Ankara Dream by William Ghysels


Amazing music video by William Ghysels for Trouble and Bass, a Zombies For Money release that just just got out. I love this guy’s style. He’s also one of Ghent’s most interesting musicians under his moniker Droon

I’ve got two words for you: CRIPPLE FIGHT !



“Into The Vortex” premiering on www.quietus.com

“Into the Vortex”, the hour-long film Wim directed for the Radio Soulwax mix with the same name, is now online. Hi-res, full screen, full version. English website The Quietus got the premiere for this hour. 

“The Quietus is honoured to be premiering the latest hour of Radio Soulwax’ transmission. Called Into The Vortex it features collie dogs, fruity ladies, giant circular saws in steam, an abused jeep, a really far out photocopier, and mild S&M; and musically feels cosmic, German, futurist electronica.”

Wim came up with the idea of reconstructing the images, and asked Stefan Bracke, Manor Grunewald and Geert Paredis to bring the 29 album covers to life in a now defunct slaughterhouse in the Antwerp harbor. This is how Wim explains the concept:

“Into The Vortex” is a visual documentary about one of the last record sleeve factories in the world. It takes us on a colorful and psychedelic trip through the plant’s gigantic studio, where we see the album covers being manufactured. This might be the perfect time to take that strip of acid from the seventies out of your fridge and share it with the rest of the family.” 

Special thank to Charles “Chuck” De Meyer for the 3D-animation.

It’s somewhere in the middle of the page. Look for a Vimeo-player, click play and then the fullscreen icon. Close the curtains. Have some peyote. Sit back. Relax.



Doom Diamond